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Hi, thanks for visiting my Candy Crush Rocks website, I hope you have found the required strategies and finally beaten that level you were stuck on.

I've got stuck many times on multiple levels like 65, 147 etc. these were some of the most difficult to clear. I'm sure you were or will also be stuck at these levels, and I can understand the frustration that sets in hehehe. And then theres my website that will make crossing the levels as easy as eating pie, Yeah!

I've tried to write strategy guides for all 500 levels, so that any level you're stuck on it doesn't matter. Also I've tried to make this website as fast as possible so that it loads in a jiffy. As you know more and more users are now using mobile devices to access the web so I've made this website mobile optimized, so now you can get the much needed strategies when you need it the most, anywhere, anytime.

For any queries, help do contact me at information[at]candycrushrocks.com