Candy Crush level 482

Great to see that you have finally cleared level 481, now get ready to collect 77 red and blue candy and score 20,000 points to fly through this level. You are now in the twelfth level of Cherry Chateau, and don't forget to watch out for the multilayered meringue and candy bomb. Know how to beat candy crush level 482 with the strategy below.

Level 482 profile

The objective of level is to collect 77 red and blue candy and score 20,000 points.
Episode Name Cherry Chateau (33 of 34 episodes)
Level Type Candy Order
Moves/Time (Score) 30
Difficulty Hard
Candies Available Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Square, Lollipop Head, Cluster.

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 482 Help & Tips

Tips and tricks for level 482 are mentioned here. In this level, you have to strictly avoid breaking the frosting, which are on either sides. You will observe that there are several similarities between this level and level 374. There is a rain of several candy bombs in this level too. You may notice that this level is indeed tougher than level 374. To pass level 482, you have to deal with seven move bombs, which come in three columns. In fewer moves, you need to gather more order candies. The board in this level is also relatively small. You have to try to break the blocks in the centre column. Avoid the topmost block as this may lead to releasing of the bombs. You have to get the purples and blues as quickly as possible. For this, make sure you combine the bombs with specials as soon as the topmost block is broken.

Level 482 video walkthrough strategy

Try to save your power candies for super combos, some of the effects are deadly. Also remember this killer strategy, combining 2 color bombs will clear ALL the candies on the board!

Some faqs

What do I need to do to pass this level?
To pass this level you have to collect 77 red and blue candy and score 20,000 points.

How many points are required to get the stars?
To get all three stars you need more than 303320, for 2 stars you need a score above 250000 and for one star you need to get at least 20000 points.

Should I use my boosters for level 482?
You will definitly need to use all the boosters that you have in your arsenal. To know more about the various types of boosters like Coconut Wheel, Sweet Teeth, Lollipop Hammer etc.

What are the main challenges of this level?
The main challenges of this level are the multilayered meringue and candy bomb.
Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
483 (Episode: Cherry Chateau)Clear 20 jelly. (Jelly)50000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 483
484 (Episode: Cherry Chateau)Bring down 5 cherries and score 50,000 points. (Ingredients)50000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 484
485 (Episode: Cherry Chateau)Clear 14 double jelly squares and score 30,000 points. (Jelly)30000 (Medium)How to beat level 485
486 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Clear 65 double jellies and score 95,000 points to pass this level. (Jelly)95000 (Hard)How to beat level 486
487 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Bring down 3 hazelnuts and 3 cherries and score 60,000 points. (Ingredients)60000 (Medium)How to beat level 487
488 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Clear 45 jelly squares and score 90,000 points. (Jelly)90000 (Hard)How to beat level 488
489 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Collect 88 blue candies and 88 purple candies and score 40,000 points. (Candy Order)40000 (Easy To Medium)How to beat level 489
490 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Clear 16 double jelly squares and score 30,000 points. (Jelly)30000 (Hard)How to beat level 490
491 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Bring down 1 hazelnut and 1 cherry and score 20,000 points. (Ingredients)20000 (Hard)How to beat level 491
492 (Episode: Meringue Moor)Clear all the jellies and score 40,000 points. (Jelly)40000 (Hard)How to beat level 492