Candy Crush level 433

The main challenge in level 433 will be the multilayered meringue, chocolate spawner, chocolate, licorice swirls, marmalade and toffee tornado. While the previous level you had to clear 65 double jelly squares and score 135,000 points now you need to score 65,000 points. Try to aim for getting more than 110000 points to get full 3 stars. Know how to beat candy crush level 433 with the strategy below.

Level 433 profile

The objective of level is to score 65,000 points.
Episode Name Rainbow Runway (30 of 34 episodes)
Level Type Timed
Moves/Time (Score) 90 seconds
Difficulty Medium
Candies Available Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Square, Lollipop Head, Cluster.

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 433 Help & Tips

Tricks and tips for level 433 are listed here. You may check them out. You must play near the centre of the board as far as possible. Try to create colour bombs at the centre. You may combine a colour bomb with a wrapped candy or candy bomb. This is a sure shot means to earn many points. To pass level 433, you must bear in mind that this is a timed level. You must destroy the bombs as and when they appear. You should not waste your time on the match 5s at the bottom. They will keep coming your way all through this level. You can attain the necessary score with a couple of helpful candy combinations. There are cream blocks on either side of the block. Do not break these blocks if you can avoid breaking them. There are twisted candies in this level but you will be able to deal with them.

Level 433 video walkthrough strategy

Try to save your power candies for super combos, some of the effects are deadly. Also remember this killer strategy, combining 2 color bombs will clear ALL the candies on the board!

Some faqs

What do I need to do to pass this level?
To pass this level you have to score 65,000 points.

How many points are required to get the stars?
To get all three stars you need more than 110000, for 2 stars you need a score above 85000 and for one star you need to get at least 65000 points.

Should I use my boosters for level 433?
I would advise to use 1 or 2 boosters at max, try to play couple of games to get the hang of the dynamics and only then use the boosters towards the end when needed.

What are the main challenges of this level?
The main challenges of this level are the multilayered meringue, chocolate spawner, chocolate, licorice swirls, marmalade and toffee tornado.
Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
434 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Clear 36 jelly squares and score 105,000 points. (Jelly)105000 (Hard)How to beat level 434
435 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Collect 250 blue, green and orange and score 100,000 points. (Candy Order)100000 (Medium)How to beat level 435
436 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Bring down 1 hazelnut and score 10,000 points. (Ingredients)10000 (Medium)How to beat level 436
437 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Clear 30 double jelly squares and score 10,000 points. (Jelly)10000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 437
438 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Collect 90 blue candies, 30 striped candies, 1 color bomb+striped candy and score 50,000 points. (Candy Order)50000 (Hard)How to beat level 438
439 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score 40,000 points. (Ingredients)40000 (Easy)How to beat level 439
440 (Episode: Rainbow Runway)Clear 45 jelly squares and score 190000 to finish the episode. (Jelly)190000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 440
441 (Episode: Butterscotch Boulders)Combine color bomb with striped candy and combine color bomb with wrapped candy and score 40000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)40000 (Easy)How to beat level 441
442 (Episode: Butterscotch Boulders)Bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score 40,000 points. (Ingredients)40000 (Very Simple)How to beat level 442
443 (Episode: Butterscotch Boulders)Clear 26 double jelly squares and score 75,000 points. (Jelly)75000 (Medium)How to beat level 443