Candy Crush level 415

Let me warn you about the marmalade toffee tornado, 5-layer meringue and chocolate spawner in level 415, all the best tackling that! While the goal of the last level was to clear 30 jelly squares and score 55,000 points this level is different. To crush level 415 try to collect 10 color bombs and score 10,000 points. Know how to beat candy crush level 415 with the strategy below.

Level 415 profile

The objective of level is to collect 10 color bombs and score 10,000 points.
Episode Name Soda Swamp (29 of 34 episodes)
Level Type Candy Order
Moves/Time (Score) 35
Difficulty Medium
Candies Available Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Square, Lollipop Head, Cluster.

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 415 Help & Tips

To beat level 415 of Candy Crush Saga without wasting many lives, work on destroying the cake bombs as quick as you can. Aim for removing the meringue from the top because the jelly placed under it is not easy to reach. On the other hand, once you are through investing your first moves for aforementioned tips, the is a breeze! Focus on the number of colour bombs you have on the board. Making some more of them is not difficult either as there are not so many colours available on the board. Try matching two colour bombs, as the other bombs would be still covered in marmalade. Then, go for using the remaining colour bombs and select one colour candy. Just leave more chances for matches on the board. As the chocolate stops candies from cascading downwards, it should be kept under control by you. As you could see, there are six colour bombs already on your screen. You only need to create four more to pass level 415. Releasing colour bombs, which are already there, would require a little boost from you as they are completely choked up and there are two chocolate fans as well.

Level 415 video walkthrough strategy

Try to save your power candies for super combos, some of the effects are deadly. Also remember this killer strategy, combining 2 color bombs will clear ALL the candies on the board!

Some faqs

What do I need to do to pass this level?
To pass this level you have to collect 10 color bombs and score 10,000 points.

How many points are required to get the stars?
To get all three stars you need more than 120000, for 2 stars you need a score above 80000 and for one star you need to get at least 10000 points.

Should I use my boosters for level 415?
I would advise to use 1 or 2 boosters at max, try to play couple of games to get the hang of the dynamics and only then use the boosters towards the end when needed.

What are the main challenges of this level?
The main challenges of this level are the marmalade toffee tornado, 5-layer meringue and chocolate spawner .
Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
416 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Clear all jelly and score 100,000 points. (Jelly)100000 (Easy To Medium)How to beat level 416
417 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Bring down 3 hazelnuts and score 30,000 points. (Ingredients)30000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 417
418 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Clear all the jellies and score 75,000 points. (Jelly)75000 (Easy)How to beat level 418
419 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Collect 100 yellow candies, 6 wrapped candies and 2 color bombs and score 18000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)18000 (Insanely Hard)How to beat level 419
420 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Clear all the jellies and score 75000 to pass the level. (Jelly)75000 (Medium)How to beat level 420
421 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Collect 7 striped+striped combos and score 10,000 points. (Candy Order)10000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 421
422 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Bring down 5 cherries and score 50,000 points. (Ingredients)50000 (Easy)How to beat level 422
423 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Collect 20 striped candies and score 20,000 points. (Candy Order)20000 (Medium)How to beat level 423
424 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Clear 77 jellies and score 150,000 points to pass this level.. (Jelly)150000 (Easy To Medium)How to beat level 424
425 (Episode: Soda Swamp)Collect 230 blue candies and combine 5 wrapped candy + striped candies and score 45,000 points. (Candy Order)45000 (Hard)How to beat level 425