Candy Crush level 384

Let me warn you about the locked candy and candy bomb in level 384, all the best tackling that! While the goal of the last level was to bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score 40,000 points to pass this level this level is different. To crush level 384 try to collect 5 striped+striped candy combos and score 50000 to pass the level. Know how to beat candy crush level 384 with the strategy below.

Level 384 profile

The objective of level is to collect 5 striped+striped candy combos and score 50000 to pass the level.
Episode Name Licorice Tower (27 of 34 episodes)
Level Type Candy Order
Moves/Time (Score) 25
Difficulty Easy To Medium
Candies Available Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Square, Lollipop Head, Cluster.

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 384 Help & Tips

Passing level 384 is not too difficult. Still, here are few tips and tricks you could use to beat level 384 without wasting many lives. Collect as many striped + striped candy combos you can, especially those that are marmalade coated. It is recommendable not to care too much about the bombs, as your striped candy combos are just perfect to take them out. Just make one striped candy piece outside of the licorice-covered candy to get through the grid - only within 10 move though - for the bomb would explode. However, don’t worry if you cannot find a way to get such a combination - just use the marmalade-covered ones to tackle the bombs. Pass level 384 easily by finding the underlying cause of the screen just within 10 moves. Combine locked pieces to get near the bombs and try matching pieces if you can unlock 2 pieces at once - it will be a jackpot for you! Also, note that you have 6 striped candies frozen around the locked pieces - which will eventually help you fill the order list.

Level 384 video walkthrough strategy

Try to save your power candies for super combos, some of the effects are deadly. Also remember this killer strategy, combining 2 color bombs will clear ALL the candies on the board!

Some faqs

What do I need to do to pass this level?
To pass this level you have to collect 5 striped+striped candy combos and score 50000 to pass the level.

How many points are required to get the stars?
To get all three stars you need more than 350000, for 2 stars you need a score above 250000 and for one star you need to get at least 50000 points.

Should I use my boosters for level 384?
Are you kidding? This is an easy level to cross, please dont waste any precious boosters that you have collected, save them for the war :)

What are the main challenges of this level?
The main challenges of this level are the locked candy and candy bomb.
Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
385 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Clear 50 jellies and score 90,000 points to pass this level. (Jelly)90000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 385
386 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Clear 116 jellies and score 120,000 points. (Jelly)120000 (Easy)How to beat level 386
387 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Bring down 2 hazelnuts and 2 cherries and score 50,000 points to pass this level. (Ingredients)50000 (Easy To Medium)How to beat level 387
388 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Clear 64 jelly squares. (Jelly)130000 (Medium)How to beat level 388
389 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Collect 20 color bombs and score 200,000 points to pass the level. (Candy Order)200000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 389
390 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 40000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)40000 (Easy)How to beat level 390
391 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Collect 77 yellow candies; 66 blue candies; 55 red candies and score 250,000 points to pass this level. (Candy Order)250000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 391
392 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Collect 5 striped candy+wrapped candy combo and score 20000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)20000 (Hard)How to beat level 392
393 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Clear 20 jelly squares and score 25,000 to pass the level . (Jelly)25000 (Medium)How to beat level 393
394 (Episode: Licorice Tower)Clear 21 double jelly squares and score 40,000 to pass the level . (Jelly)40000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 394