Candy Crush level 133

So far so good, you're now probably stuck on level 133, Seriously! While the goal of the last level was to combine 1 wrapped candy + color bomb and 1 striped candy + color bomb combos and score 20000 to pass the level this level is different. To crush level 133 try to clear 21 jelly squares and score 45000 to pass the level. Know how to beat candy crush level 133 with the strategy below.

Level 133 profile

The objective of level is to clear 21 jelly squares and score 45000 to pass the level.
Episode Name Wafer Wharf (10 of 34 episodes)
Level Type Jelly
Moves/Time (Score) 50
Difficulty Considerably Hard
Candies Available Jelly Bean, Lozenge, Square, Lollipop Head, Cluster.

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 133 Help & Tips

To pass the level 133, create a colour bomb and use the center portion of the board to your advantage. A good way to remove jellies at the bottom is by using vertical striped candies. It is very important to create special combinations to beat level 133. It is not easy to clear the jellies at the side in this level. The combo of colour bomb+striped candy proves helpful in this level. Use vertical striped jelly or else make matches within the jelly. This helps you reach the snake within the jelly. Combos play a vital role even in this level. Totally, you need to clear 21 jelly blocks in this level to reach the next level. The candy goes down the middle column by cascading either left or right of the jelly snake. Have you covered major chunk of the jelly? In that case, it is time for you to go after candy combos or vertical striped candies. To pass on to level 134, you need to make a score of 45000. Strong opening moves always help you clear levels. Reset the board until you are sure of getting strong opening moves. To clear jellies, striped/wrapped combo is more effective than vertical striped candies.

Level 133 video walkthrough strategy

Try to save your power candies for super combos, some of the effects are deadly. Also remember this killer strategy, combining 2 color bombs will clear ALL the candies on the board!

Some faqs

What do I need to do to pass this level?
To pass this level you have to clear 21 jelly squares and score 45000 to pass the level.

How many points are required to get the stars?
To get all three stars you need more than 95000, for 2 stars you need a score above 70000 and for one star you need to get at least 45000 points.

Should I use my boosters for level 133?
You will definitly need to use all the boosters that you have in your arsenal. To know more about the various types of boosters like Coconut Wheel, Sweet Teeth, Lollipop Hammer etc.

Level / Episode Objective / Level Type Passing Score / Difficulty Tips / Help
134 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Score 45,000 points. (Timed)45000 (Medium)How to beat level 134
135 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Collect 5 color bombs and 15 striped candies and score 10000 to pass the level, . (Candy Order)10000 (Considerably Hard)How to beat level 135
136 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Collect 2 color bombs, combine 1 striped candy + striped candy and 1 wrapped candy + wrapped candy combos and score 30000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)30000 (Medium)How to beat level 136
137 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Bring down 1 cherry and 1 hazelnut and score 20000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)20000 (Medium)How to beat level 137
138 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Clear 18 jelly squares and score 25000 to pass the level. (Jelly)25000 (Very Simple)How to beat level 138
139 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Score 15,000 points. (Timed)15000 (Easy)How to beat level 139
140 (Episode: Wafer Wharf)Collect 99 red candies, 99 orange candies and 99 yellow candies and score 30000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)30000 (Very Hard)How to beat level 140
141 (Episode: Gingerbread Glade)Collect 30 blue candies, 30 green candies and 30 purple candies and score 10000 to pass the level. (Candy Order)10000 (Easy)How to beat level 141
142 (Episode: Gingerbread Glade)Bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts and score 30000 to pass the level. (Ingredients)30000 (Easy To Medium)How to beat level 142
143 (Episode: Gingerbread Glade)Clear 33 jelly squares and score 70000 to pass the level. (Jelly)70000 (Medium)How to beat level 143